Germany: Aldi joins the European broiler initiative

Discount Retail Chain Aldi (privately owned) is the first major grocer to take an initiative to improve the conditions for keeping broilers. Animal rights activists speak of a 'breakthrough'.

According to a report, food discounter Aldi aims to be the first major grocer in Germany to announce that it will support the European broiler initiative 'to significantly improve broiler farming conditions'. Aldi Nord and Süd want to put an end to the worst form of broiler breeding by 2026.

Erik Döbele, Managing Director Central Purchasing at Aldi Süd, told the Süddeutsche Zeitung, “We really haven’t made this far-reaching decision easy for ourselves, but it’s the right one, and we won’t stop and keep an eye on where we can make our contribution. can achieve more animal welfare. For this we need the support of politicians and all market parties. And farmers who implement more animal welfare must be rewarded for this extra effort. “

The European Broiler Chicken Initiative was launched by nearly 30 European animal welfare organizations and is a voluntary commitment to better animal welfare. Some of the objectives of the initiative are to significantly alleviate the problems of space and boredom for chickens.

Aldi could serve as a model for the competition The Albert Schweitzer Foundation is a member of the initiative. Foundation chairman Mahi Klosterhalfen has great expectations of Aldi: “The competition looks very closely at what Aldi is doing”, he said. “If Aldi participates now, that will be the breakthrough and the signal that there is no way back. So that suppliers like Wiesenhof must also come along.”

He announced the initiative’s support for Aldi: “Starting today, we’ll be bombarding the rest of the food retailer with phone calls and emails and possibly even swinging the campaign club so everyone can get involved in the coming months.”

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