Germany: these are the most popular supermarkets and discounters

Discount Retail Chains and full-range supermarket retailers were rated evenly in a representative online survey, the online rating portal “” asked shoppers about the most popular German supermarkets and asked 2,455 people from all over Germany in a representative online survey at the end of August.

Every day, millions of Germans use what is available in their local supermarket and stock up on food, household goods and hygiene items. But where do you prefer to shop? The mix of supermarket, discounter, department store and toy store is evidently well received by consumers. 10.7 percent of those surveyed named the grocer as their favorite in the survey. This is the ranked result:

6th place: Discounter Penny

The Cologne-based discounter received 5.5% of the votes in the survey. This puts Penny far behind its competitors. The chain is currently trying to shake off its discounter image and is offering a full range in test branches.

5th place: Kaufland

The Schwarz Group company made it into the top five. Kaufland is not only represented in Germany, but also in seven other Eastern European countries.

4th place: REWE

The full-range retailer REWE has expanded significantly in recent years and can rely on a large regular audience. According to the survey, 18.9% see REWE as their most popular supermarket.

3rd place: Discounter Aldi

It was to be expected that the traditional discounter Aldi would play at the top. 20.1% of those surveyed prefer to go shopping here. Since the dispute between the founding Albrecht family, the business has been divided into north and south. Aldi Süd performed slightly better in the survey with 11% than Aldi Nord (9.1%). Both discounters are currently working on merging their purchasing departments and are even advertising together again.

2nd place: Discounter Lidl

The world's largest discounter, Lidl, took second place on the podium. The discounter already has over 10,500 stores in 31 countries. Lidl is widespread and popular. Almost a quarter (21.7%) of those surveyed prefer to shop at founder Josef Schwarz's company. This puts Lidl just ahead of the competition for Aldi North and South.

1st place: Edeka

The dealer based in Hamburg took first place. This makes it the most popular supermarket in Germany. In the online survey by "", 23.1% of those questioned voted for Edeka. With over 11,700 branches, the company is also one of the largest German grocery retailers.

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