Germany: Aldi is delisting assortment products

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Süd takes a large number of products out of its assortment range. Over 100 stores have already been informed that almost 100 products that are having low turnovers will be removed from the assortment range. This also includes certain packaging sizes for kitchen rolls and toilet paper, as well as certain juices and mineral water.

Why is Aldi Süd delisting?

According to German internet portal CHIP, most beverages and groceries did not meet the required sales targets. The national Aqua Plus mineral water with fruit flavor from Aldi's own Private Label brand 'Aqua Culinaris' turned out to be a slow seller. Aldi's own Private Label brand iced tea is also being thrown out. Further the procurement cooperation with Aldi Nord makes it necessary for Aldi Süd to make clear and rigid choices consequently delisting SKUs.

For the paper category, small packaging for toilet paper and kitchen rolls are replaced by more popular 'mass packs' due to the current COVID situation. Here the two-roll kitchenpaper of Aldi's own Private Label brand 'Kokett', is replaced by a 4 pack. When it comes to toilet paper, Aldi will keep the 8x150 sheets.

Some supermarkets and discounters had already confirmed that the demand for toilet paper and kitchen rolls was picking up again massively because of the second COVID wave. "Of course there will be no out-of-stocks and we will continue to offer sufficient good in the paper category in the future, but now only in larger packaging units," says Aldi Süd about the delisting of kitchen rolls and toilet paper.

Discount stores and supermarkets regularly adjust their assortment range. Whether an product SKU is accepted or not to end up in the standard assortment range.

In the past, Aldi Süd had invested heavily in new drinks, sweets and products from the refrigerated convenience counter. The discounter has continuously expanded its assortment range for years. In some store Aldi Süd is now also testing to sell magazines and newspapers analog Aldi Nord and Lidl.

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