Germany: Lidl stops selling confectionery A-brand Haribo

Discount Retail Chain Lidl stopped selling Haribo's most popular and top selling product 'gold bears'! As the German confectionery manufacturer and the discounter are fighting over the purchasing conditions. Other supermarkets and discounters could follow, soon.

Customers can currently hardly find any Haribo 'gold bears' on Lidl shelves - or at least only a meager leftover product. As the "Lebensmittelzeitung (LZ)" reports, Lidl no longer wants to accept Haribo's price increases. The business relationship has been interrupted since July 1st.

At the moment Lidl offers solely its private label branded Sugarland 'Fruchtgummi Baerchen' product in its fixed assortment at a significant lower price level. So Lidl shoppers can still get a good and more value-for-money substitute product. This could hurt Haribo sales in the long run, as shoppers will not revert back to their old spending pattern.

Why Haribo is raising prices - and not just at Lidl

According to "LZ" information, other manufacturers are also in negotiations with Haribo. "We can confirm that we are currently in tough price negotiations with retailers."

The reason is the increased raw material costs due to the corona pandemic. But also retailers are tense due to the corona pandemic and are "particularly price-sensitive" in their negotiations, according to Haribo.

Price increase for Haribo also visible at Aldi

Main Discount Retail Competitor Aldi is advertising Haribo products in its current flyer and in its stores. But here, too, the price increase is already visible. According to “LZ”, a 360 gram pack of gold bears currently costs 1.29 euros minus the reduced VAT. That means a final price of 1.25 euros - a full 10 cents more than the previous price. As Aldi has no private label branded substitute it more difficult to take the product out of the fixed assortment.

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