Germany: PENNY with the first discounter vegan Private Label brand

According to a recent nutrition report of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, 55% of those shoppers surveyed describe themselves as flexitarians and therefore regularly avoid meat and use animal-free foods. Animal welfare and climate protection play a growing central role as a shoppers' buying motive.

Discount Retail Chain PENNY (owned by REWE Group) embraces this trend and, with “Food for Future”, it is the first discounter to present a cross-product group vegan Private Label brand. Under the slogan „Das isst die Zukunft“ (“That eats the future”), the first products are gradually arriving in around 2,200 PENNY stores across Germany. It starts with “vegan hack” and “vegan burger patties” based on pea proteins, which are available immediately and permanently. In October, “Pea Burger” and “Rice Nuggets” will follow in the frozen food area. Based on the packaging design of the products, it is clear at first glance which plant base the products consist of.

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