Germany: Schwarz Group streamlines its personnel policy

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

CEO and head of Schwarz Trust Klaus Gehrig wants to reorganize the personnel processes in the Schwarz Group (owner of discounter Lidl, Kaufland and Schwarz Produktion). More efficient, cheaper, more focused. Gehrig thinks little of selection processes like assessment centers. He doesn't just rely on candidates with top marks. Rather, real doers should advance the company in practice.

The Schwarz Group wants to proceed more uniformly in the company's personnel policy in the future. This includes personnel administration as well as personnel development. On May 1st, the company founded the Schwarz-Personal-Service-Gesellschaft. The aim is to organize activities in this area more efficiently and to process billing processes more cheaply. "We have five personnel programs in the company," says Klaus Gehrig. Now it has to be a matter of being more focused and not having to deal with the same tasks in the group multiple times.

In terms of personnel policy, the aim is to introduce uniform standards for the entire corporate group in the future. At the same time, however, those areas should recruit the staff in which the new employees will ultimately also work.

Better support for young colleagues

In addition, it is important to provide better support to the young colleagues. At both Lidl and Kaufland, junior employees come into responsible positions by their mid-20s. "We have to make sure that they will be good managers in ten years", said the company boss. The main thing is to better accompany employees on their career steps.

This also includes regular feedback from superiors, both positively and negatively. And in Gehrig's opinion, it was the last thing that got stuck. In terms of targeted employee loyalty, leadership, culture and communication have been an issue in the Schwarz Group for some time. "Everyone who has left the house in recent years has had good reviews." Gehrig warns that there must be open and honest dealings with employees.

You have to tell clearly whether you are satisfied with an employee or not.

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