Greece: MERE starts in Greece

Updated: Feb 13

Russian discount retail chain MERE (owned by Svetofor) starts in Greece during the month, as informed sources report in The first three stores will open until mid-February in Larissa, Tripoli and Lagada and two stores more will follow in the near future. The plan, which is characterized as ambitious by market executives, envisages the creation of 80 stores in Greece by the end of the year. The stores, which will look more like a warehouse, the products will be in pallets / boxes and has initially 250 SKUs, with a 1 tier stategy. Variety limited in relation to the SKUs offered today by a supermarket in Greece. For example, a mini market has 400-500 SKUs, about 1,500-1,800 SKUs are served by a medium-sized supermarket and over 3,500 SKUs by a large one. The Russian chain hopes to overcome the disadvantage of the variety by "playing" the price marketing tool. Payment for the products that are delivered by the suppliers, is largely unknown. Who and how many have signed an agreement with MERE. Payments will be made weekly in a bank account depending on the total sales, for cashflow reasons.

Meaning that if a supplier has delivered a pallet of products and 5 boxes are sold then it will be paid within the week for the boxes sold. In case the products are not sold they will be returned to the supplier and the shipping costs will be borne by the latter.

The chain requires suppliers to ensure the delivery of products to all retail stores in at least one area, while in the case of shipping products with a shelf life of less than one year, the expiration date of products should not exceed 2 / 3 of their estimated lifespan determined by the producer. The minimum quantity of products purchased from suppliers is one pallet, and the pallets used for deliveries are non-refundable and their cost is included in the price of the goods. The chain will not initially sell fresh fruit and vegetables or fresh meat and fish.

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