Netherlands - Germany: Aldi and Lidl (D) popular with Dutch customers

German stores of Discount Retail Chains Aldi and Lidl close to the Dutch border take up a large part of the supermarket turnover.

More than half of the cross-border supermarket turnover from Limburg ends up in the checkouts of German Aldi and Lidl stores. In the other border provinces this is even two thirds, according to research by GfK.

4 percent turnover crosses the German border

If we look at consumers who live within 30 kilometers of the German border, just under 4 percent of all spendings at supermarkets is done across the border. Especially (alcoholic) drinks, personal care, sanitary products and pet food are popular products. Supermarkets in the border region with Belgium see a much more limited share of the turnover run off.

Aldi customers often cross the border above average

It is striking that Dutch Aldi customers often go shopping in Germany. Only supermarket chain Jan Linders' customers do this more often. Superunie members Nettorama, Plus and Coop are also relatively hard hit. Lidl suffers less than Aldi, while Albert Heijn sees relatively few customers cross the border to shop. "

Germany will regain further popularity

GfK expects German supermarkets will gain even more popularity in the coming period, partly due to the temporary VAT reduction that has been implemented in Germany and not in the Netherlands.

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