Netherlands: Aldi starts TV campaign 'Of course you do!'

Discount Retail Chain Aldi is launching its first ever Dutch TV campaign, which should show how attractive the 'always modest discounter' is for consumers. In the campaign the slogan 'of course you do!' ('Natuurlijk wel!') is frequently forwarded.

'You say quality, you say Aldi. Of course you do. Tasters choose Aldi? Of course you do,' says the voice-over in the TV commercial. The campaign was developed by the Indie advertising agency in Amsterdam. The originally German supermarket chain has 500 stores spread across the Netherlands.

Simplicity is still the central theme within Aldi, who claims to be the founder of discount, without making concessions to the quality of the products. So high quality and the best price, according to the discount chain. The new campaign should reinforce this idea to Dutch shoppers.

Nienke van de Streek, MD marketing and communication Aldi Netherlands, says: 'With this campaign, we show the enthusiastic and proud mentality of our company. Quality does not have to be complicated or expensive. Aldi helps shoppers save time, money and unnecessary hassle. Many Dutch people still have an old-fashioned image of simplicity that equates to less at Aldi. With this campaign we want to remove prejudices about Aldi and surprise the Dutch. '

The campaign was launched today on the Aldi shop floor, in the national newspapers, online, on radio and - for the first time in Aldi's history - on Dutch television.

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