Poland: Lidl and Biedronka are communication masters

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

How do Discount Retail chains advertise and communicate in the new reality? What kind of message do retailers choose? Who does it best? - Wojtek Walczak, strategic director of the Plej agency, has the following opinion.

During the lockdown, communication activities replaced advertising. How are grocery chains acting in the new reality?

Wojtek Walczak: Looking at the advertising activities, retail chains have returned to the new normality, and the remains of the lockdown are practically just masks on the faces of shoppers' customers. Discounter Lidl Saturdays, Discounter Aldi promotions and Discounter Biedronka's deals and freebies are back for good. In communication, of course, you can still feel safety-related accents, but everything is definitely outlined by promotional communication and neutrality in relation to COVID-19. One might even be tempted to say that shopping has started to bring customers joy again, including queues at the checkout. This once again shows how short the memory of consumers is and how quickly the consumer wants to get back to what is known and liked.

What kind of message did retailers choose? For mid-2020, the main social trends are three: local, smart shopping and mobile. Of course, none of them is new, each has already had its time on our market, but now they are becoming prominent messages that the consumer expects. To sum it up in one sentence: it is important today to offer local products at good prices and promotions, both physically in the store and by using a smartphone. An example of such an action is Lidl Plus, which clearly communicate smart shopping, and give customers more and more the impression of buying local.

Who communicates best with consumers? Discounter Lidl, Discounter Biedronka and convenience store Żabka are definitely three brands that govern communication. It is also worth paying attention to the communication of Discounter Aldi and Delikatesy Centrum, they are trying to find their place in the market and attract the attention of a wider audience to create a better customer experience.

What do the consumers themselves expect? The time of storytelling has long been forgotten, now it is important to focus on the product and its value for the consumer. And of course, the price at which customers can buy it. Which does not mean that at the same time communication should not be bold, expressive and give consumers a moment of time well spent with the brand. Just as customers want to spend their money well, the customer also does not want advertising that is pushy, intrusive and without an idea.

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