Spain - Canary Islands: Lidl invests US $53 million in new logistics centre

Discount Retail Chain Lidl has put into operation a new logistics centre in Agüimes (Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain) in which it has invested US$53 million (45 million euros) and created 60 new jobs. This is the second Lidl warehouse in the Canary Islands, the other is located in Güímar (Tenerife). The objective of the discount retail chain is to grow its store network further in the archipel.

The new logistics centre is built on a plot of about 40,000 m2, which supplies mechandise to the 14 Lidl stores spread across the islands Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.

With more than 25,000 m2 the warehouse has the capacity to store about 21,000 pallets and has up to 49 loading and unlaoding docks to optimize the transit of merchanidies from its supplier delivery to its store distribution.

With this logistics centre Lidl can guarantee "maximum freshness and quality" for its products, and at the same time it favors the development of its more than 100 Canary suppliers, since it reduces both the routes and the transport times of merchandise, and minimizes the impact on the environment. In addition, Lidl included in its new logistics centre different energy savings measures, such as the installation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption, as well as having the BREEAM benchmark certificate in global sustainable construction.

Regarding employment, Lidl points out that currently its activity affect about 3,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs in the archipel, providing 0.34 % of all employment on the islands, and providing about US$ 166 million (140 million euros) annual to the GDP of the region, 0.40 % of all Canary GDP.

Lidl currently purchases around US$ 60 million (50 million euros) a year in Canary Islands products, offering some 760 regional items in its assortment and exporting through its chain to more than 10,800 Lidl stores in various countries.

Lidl is already ten years present in the Canary Islands, where it currently has a workforce of more than 1,000 people and 30 stores on the islands.

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