Switzerland: Lidl roles-out new in-store concept

Discount Retail Chain Lidl's management has been completely overhauled, now the stores are to be given a new face. In Germany and other European countries, Lidl is still keeping a low profile and tests different in-store concepts and approaches, in Switzerland the discounter is already rolling out a completely new in-store concept. Certain aspects are identical to the Aldi Swiss concept. Aldi Swiss rolled out its concept to all stores earlier this year (also see https://www.discountretailconsulting.com/post/switzerland-aldi-launches-new-store-format).

Click here to see the roll-out of the Lidl Swiss concept: https://www.lebensmittelzeitung.net/galerien/Das-neue-Ladendesign-von-Lidl-1510?utm_source=%2Fmeta%2Fnewsletter%2Fbasic&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=nl5626-basic&utm_term=23ad17e0d82c156bfb1691b1105f4604

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