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Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Discount Retail Chain ŞOK Marketler (owned by a consortium led by Gözde Girişim - a Yıldız Holding company) aims to provide the best service to its customers with differentiated business models, an "every day low price" policy, a private label branded assortment and marketing campaigns. Adding 3,672 employees in H1 2020, ŞOK employs 33,410 people and operates 24 distribution centers. Further ŞOK implemented several measures to ensure the safety of consumers and employees during the pandemic, including the launch of a free of cost home delivery service, CepteŞok (Şok in Pocket).

Results H1 2020:

Revenues: US $ 1,34 Bn (+32% YoY)

EBITDA: US $ 128.5 Mn (9.6% margin and 40.3% YoY)

Net income: US $ 7.5 Mn (0.6% margin and 187.5% YoY)

Total stores: 7,661 (+ 446)

ŞOK's year-end guidance expects a revenue growth of +24% and EBITDA margin of 9.5%.

ŞOK's 'Customer-Oriented Business Strategy'

Commenting on the company’s performance, ŞOK Marketler CEO Uğur Demirel, said, “Our customer-orientation strategy has been the core of our success in this period. "With this strategy, we continued to open new stores, to provide employment opportunities, and to contribute to the national economy.”

Click here for more on the H1 2020 results:


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