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Austria: GiFi enters Austria

Updated: Feb 6

Discount Non-Food Retail Chain GiFi (French family owned) the French market leader in household and family items is opening its first stores in Austria on Thursday, December 1st, in the district capital.

"It is with great pleasure that we can celebrate the Austrian premiere of GiFi in Hartberger Hatric on December 1st. This is an unbelievable success for the Rutter Immobilien Group. GiFi fully meets the zeitgeist and will also inspire customers in Austria," says Stephen Rutter.

800 GiFi stores worldwide

With us, GiFi is still very little known. Founded forty years ago by Philippe Ginestet, the company is the market leader in household and family items in France, its country of origin. GiFi generates annual sales of 1.5 billion euros in 800 stores worldwide. By 2027, the smart discounter wants to grow to 1,000 stores and 10,000 employees. Thousands of ingenious ideas are offered at low prices on 1,800 m2 in this new store in Hatric. The assortment in the areas of home, decoration, gifts, leisure and toys is constantly changing. 85 percent of all products cost less than 10 euros.

Hatric 100% rented

Stefan Rutter: "GiFi is not the only new addition to the Hatric. The Hartberg tropical center will be moving to us shortly. I would have liked to have won Manfred Primon with his aquarium and terrarium specialist shop "Tropenzentrum" for the HATRIC back in 2014. Now it's worked out, that's it I'm very proud. We're rented to the last square meter."

The Hatric is one of the most successful retail parks in Austria. 450 employees work in the four parts with a total of 45 shops. The Rutter Immobilien Group has so far invested 60 million euros in Hartberg. The next big project is the expansion of the photovoltaic system. Stefan Rutter: "Our goal is to produce more electricity in the Hatric than we consume."

Rutter Real Estate Group

The Rutter Immobilien Group, owned by Christian Harisch and Stefan Rutter, has been a leader in the development and management of sustainable commercial real estate in Austria for more than 25 years. The portfolio includes 40 retail parks and shopping centers with around 600,000 m2. The EO Park in Oberwart was opened in May 2022. As part of the Shopping Center Performance Report Austria, the Rutter Immobilien Group was voted the best shopping center manager in 2022 for the eighth time in a row.

See here for more: Einkaufserlebnis in Hartberg: GiFi eröffnet im Fachmarktzentrum Hatric - Hartberg-Fürstenfeld (

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