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Austria: Hofer launches a new own brand

Discount Retail Chain Hofer Austria (owned by the Aldi Süd group) products of the new own German brand "Rettenswert" (translated in English 'worth to rescue') are available against food waste. The discount has been received by a partnership with the Vienna start-up.

For this purpose, fruits and vegetables that would be lost are brought back to the circulation and processed. According to discount, it is not just about crooked cucumbers or fruits that are too small, too big, too ripe or too much. Surpluses, whether on the field, in logistics or production, would also be processed. The product range of the new own brand: fruit spreads, pestos and chutneys.

“The goal of rescue value is to make a contribution to the environment in the long term and to save millions of kilos of food. As the first food dealer, which saves surpluses from the entire upstream value chain, we are a key to this in the industry. Customers, in turn, receive flawless products and thus protect the environment with Hofer by reducing food surpluses. Cooperation with the unsupply is the ideal addition for Hofer to further contain food waste,” said Horst Leitner, CEO Hofer about the new own brand.

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