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Belgium: Aldi renews its successful campaign of refurbished iPhones, but it has a trick

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Belgium (German family owned) has announced that it will sell second-hand iPhones in its Belgian stores.

The initiative was launched in the United Kingdom with overwhelming success, which has opened the doors to the market in Belgium, and who knows if to others like the Spanish.

The war between discounters takes a new step forward. While the rise in raw materials and transport prices is expected to escalate the prices of consumer goods, including food, each company plays its cards.

While Lidl triumphs with its commitment to the agreement with Xiaomi to sell some of its products in its supermarket network, Aldi takes a new step to cut distances with its competitor and distinguishes itself with the trend of refurbished mobiles. And not with just anyone, but with the all-powerful iPhone. The initial test campaign took place at the end of 2020 in a mature market: the United Kingdom. Its success was total with the iPhone 8. The results seem to have convinced the strategic management to bring the operation to the European market. The first country that already enjoys this campaign is Belgium. There, the Aldi sell second-generation iPhone SE at a price of 369 euros, according to InfoRetail. Apparently, the German supermarket chain has decided to expand in Belgium the catalog of cheap refurbished Apple items.

Thus, in addition to this iPhone SE model you can also get original AirPods and an Apple Watch model, with prices of 139 (US$167) and 299 (US$359) euros, respectively. At the moment, the offer in the 64 GB model exceeds in price some offers from Amazon and other retailers with distribution of refurbished devices. The company says all the devices put on sale in its more than 80 Stores in Belgium of Apple have original parts. Aldi considers this action as one of its campaigns for a limited time. Regular customers of the supermarket chain in Spain are wondering if that opportunity will come here. The market in Spain would have great potential.

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