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Belgium: Aldi intends to cut the assortment

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Aldi Belgium (German family owned) intends to cut next to Aldi in the Netherlands about 100 items, as part of its plan to become more profitable and streamline its offerings.

Some of the brands that will be discontinued include the famous Pirato (crisps), Markus and Moreno (coffee), Excellence (festive products), and My Veggie Day (veggie products), Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad reported.

Discontinued Brands

The flagship Pirato brand of crisps will be replaced by Sun Snacks next year, while the Markus and Moreno coffee brands will merge into the Barissimo coffee brand.

The Excellence brand will become Gourmet Finest Cuisine, and the My Veggie Day brand will be renamed as MyVay.

Other private label brands, such as Tandil laundry detergent and Trader Joe's nuts and cookies, will remain in place, Aldi spokesperson told the paper.

Increased Recognition

“We want fewer brands not fewer products, but simply fewer different names. The aim is to increase recognisability”, he explained.

"It is also useful that when you enter an Aldi in, say, Spain, you will find the same brands as here. That's clearer. But that also means choices have to be made.”

According to reports, Aldi Belgium, which forms part of Aldi Nord, is scrutinising the number of private labels it offers in order to reduce packaging costs and work with fewer suppliers, enabling it to focus on its most popular and profitable products.

The reduction in private labels marks a significant change for Aldi, but it is one that the company believes is necessary in order to remain competitive, the paper reported.

Source: Het Nieuwsblad


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