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Colombia: Discounter D1 surpasses Olímpica and Discounter Ara beats Jumbo

Discount Retail Chains have been consolidated in different regions of the Colombia.

In the year of the pandemic, strong competition in the retail sector played in favor of the D1 and Ara discounter brands, which rose through the sales ladder, beating rivals with more years of experience in the market, according to data from the Superintendency of Companies.

According to the figures totaled by the control and surveillance entity, during 2020 the firm Koba Colombia, which operates the D1 brand, reached sales of 7.37 billion pesos (US$ billion), for an increase of 48 percent compared to the 4,98 billion pesos (US$ billion) that he obtained in 2019, and that allowed him to go from fourth to third place in the ranking.

In this way, D1 moved from that place to Olímpica, which in terms of sales was in fourth place during 2020, with a total turnover of 6.32 billion pesos (US$) compared to 6.59 billion pesos (US$) in 2019.

D1, Viva Air, Smart Fit and other discount retail chains are the winners in the pandemic.

Similarly, the firm Jerónimo Martins, of Portuguese origin and which operates Ara supermarkets in Colombia, increased its sales level from 3.16 trillion pesos (US$) in 2019 to 3.94 trillion pesos (US$) in 2020 (increase of 24.5 percent per year), which served to move from sixth to fifth place in the retail business ladder.

This led to it now occupying the position that Cencosud (Jumbo and Metro operator) had, whose sales only rose 0.4 percent last year, totaling a turnover of 3.9 billion pesos (US$).

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