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Denmark: Swedish Big Dollar store continues to expand its store network in Denmark

Swedish Discount Variety Retail Chain Dollarstore (owned by the Finnish discount group Tokmanni Group) acquired in August, opens two new 'Big Dollar' stores in Denmark. These stores will open for the first time in Hjørring on Friday 29 September 2023 and in Holbæk on Friday 24 November 2023. Following these store openings, Big Dollar serves its customers in four stores in Denmark.

The Big Dollar store in Hjørring will open at Hedevold 4, 9800 Hjørring and will have a space of approximately 3,100 square meters. In Holbæk, the new store, which also covers approximately 3,100 square meters, will be located in an excellent commercial location in the town of Holbæk at the visiting address Søagervej 4, 4300 Holbæk.

Both of the new Big Dollar stores are designed to offer their customers a wide range of products related to hygiene, beauty, home décor, cleaning products, leisure, snacks and beverages, as well as seasonal goods to name a few. Big Dollar is for the whole family and is designed to provide its customers with a fun and modern shopping experience.

Apart from the name, the Big Dollar store chain's general look and brand identity are largely reminiscent of those of the Dollarstore chain, which is very popular and acclaimed among Swedish customers, says Anders Kind, CEO of Dollarstore.

"We are extremely excited to double our Big Dollar store network in Denmark. Big Dollar and its first two stores, which opened in October last year in Næstved and Brønderslev, have generated great interest among Danish customers."

"Dollarstore has one of the best price images in Sweden. We look forward to offering our products and mighty fine prices in Hjørring and Holbæk in Denmark, and we will be ready to meet a large number of curious customers on the opening day."

Big Dollar is focused on providing an exciting, unexpected and joyful shopping experience, and the company takes pride in meeting customer expectations in terms of assortment and prices. Shopping on Big Dollar is meant to be a treasure hunt no matter who you are.

Enthusiastic retail professionals and lots of opening offers

The Big Dollar stores in Hjørring and Holbæk will both employ a Store Manager and around 8-12 other retail professionals. The new stores will serve their customers with long opening hours: weekdays from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m. and weekends from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m. The address of the Hjørring store is Hedevold 4, 9800 Hjørring. The visiting address of the Big Dollar store in Holbæk will be Søagervej 4, 4300 Holbæk.

The Big Dollar chain will celebrate the opening of the new stores with lots of special offers. The chain will unveil these opening offerings as the inauguration ceremonies approach.

Big Dollar focuses on providing an exciting, unexpected and joyful shopping experience, taking pride in meeting customer expectations in terms of assortment and prices.

The Swedish discount chain Dollarstore is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Big Dollar chain and its stores. Tokmanni Group Corporation is one of the leading discount groups in the Nordic countries and its shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. Dollarstore has been part of the Tokmanni Group since August 2023.

Tokmanni Group currently provides its customers with 368 stores. Of these stores, 200 are Tokmanni stores, 130 are Dollarstore stores, two are Big Dollar stores, six are Miny stores, 28 are Click Shoes stores, and two are Shoe House stores. Of these chain stores, Tokmanni, Miny, Click Shoes and Shoe House operate in Finland, Dollarstore in Sweden and Big Dollar in Denmark. In addition to the store network, Tokmanni Group also has online stores for its store chains Tokmanni and Click Shoes. These online stores serve their customers in Finland.

Tokmanni Group continues to grow and renew its store network also outside Denmark. In Finland, for example, the Tokmanni chain has signed an agreement to open new Tokmanni stores in Tiiriö in Hämeenlinna and in Pälkäne, Eurajoki, Söderkulla in Sipoo and Katajaharju in Kouvola. In addition, Tokmanni has signed an agreement with merchant and entrepreneur couple Terttu and Jaakko Pirtinahos Mutalan Kauppa Oy to acquire the operations of the grocery store Villen Kauppa. Tokmanni and Villen Kauppa serve their customers in a commercial centre opened in 2017 in Elovainio in Ylöjärvi. The acquired business will be transferred to Tokmanni on 1 January 2024. In early 2024, the store will be united into the Tokmanni store serving under the same roof.

The new Tokmanni store in Hämeenlinna is scheduled to open in October this year, and it will replace the old store in Tiiriö, which will be closed this year. Construction work has begun in Pälkäne and the store opening is scheduled for next spring. The construction of the Tokmanni store in Eurajoki is scheduled to start next year and the opening is scheduled for autumn 2024. The construction of the Tokmanni store in Söderkulla, Sipoo, has begun, and the opening of the store is scheduled for spring 2024. In Kouvola, the new Tokmanni store is scheduled to open its doors later this year.

The retail chain Click Shoes is also expanding its store network in Finland. The newest Click Shoes store was opened in the Willa shopping centre in Hyvinkää city centre on Thursday 21 September. In addition, Click Shoes will open a new store in the Trio shopping centre in the centre of Lahti at the end of October this year.


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