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France: Lidl conquers France

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Discount Retail Chain Lidl France (owned by German Schwarz Group) definitely overtook competitors on the French food market in the pre-Christmas period. At that time, Aldi also increased his participation show the latest Kantar data.

According to Kantar data for P13 (from November 29 to December 26, 2021), Lidl recorded an increase of 0.6% points, increasing their market share to 6.9%. The discounter attracted 450,000 during this period. New households, at the same time still building customer loyalty.

ALDI, which recorded an increase of 0.4% points, reached 2.7% of the participation in the French market and involved approximately 900,000. Additional households, many of which have been Leader Price customers.

An important festive period

The last period of the last year was successful for E. Leclerc, leader of the French market noted an increase in the share of 0.3% points, up to 22.9%, increasing both the number of buyers and consumer loyalty.

Carrefour gained a 0.2% point, reaching 20.2% of the market share, with the driver of this growth by Carrefour Market (+0.1% points) and Carrefour Proximity (+0.1% point).

The System U has noted an increase of 0.2% point, up to 11.3% share during this period, while the market share of Les Mousquetaires increased by 0.1% points, up to 15.2% market share.

French households spent 1.3% less in supermarkets in the period preceding Christmas, but the level of expenditure increased by 2.8% compared to an analogous period in 2019, before Pandemic.

Kantar's data shows that both convenience channels and online channels increased by 0.2% point during this period, while there has been a significant increase in home deliveries (+ 25% in terms of value).

Shares in the market for 2021 years

The Kantar Report also allows the balance sheet for the entire 2021 year: Auchan reduced shares by 0.3 points to 9.4%, and Casino by 0.6% points up to 7.7%.

On the other hand, E.Leclerc is the most dynamic brand 2021 with an increase in participation by 0.5 points, up to 22.5%. It was also a good year for Carrefour with a 19.7% market share and an increase of 0.2% points, this is the best retailer result for a long time. In turn, Systeme U gained a 0.3% point during the year (up to 11.4% share), as well as musketeers (16%). In turn, Lidl gained 0.5% points during the year and has a 6.8% share in the French market.


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