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Germany: Aldi discounter advertises with permanent price drop for F&V

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Germany (German family owned) wants to fight inflation with a large-scale marketing campaign. Consumers will pay only 55 euro cents for a cucumber this week.

"Cheap becomes even cheaper," begins the press release of the supermarket chain Aldi Nord. Since April 17, the company says it has waived part of its own profit margin. "We have deliberately decided to forego margins in order to provide our customers with the best possible support in these difficult times," explains Lars Kürten, Managing Director at Aldi Nord.

The sister company Aldi Süd had already implemented massive price reductions in March, especially for fruit and vegetables. The price of a kilogram of apples was reduced by 23 percent at the time. "True to its claim 'Good for all.', the company is making good food affordable for everyone," the discounter explained in its press release.

The latest price reduction is accompanied by a joint marketing campaign on social media. In the future, consumers will be informed about the latest price reductions there and in print products. The campaign at Aldi Nord started this week with a reduced price for vine tomatoes. Customers pay only 2.99 euros per kilogram instead of 3.49 euros. The current prices at Aldi Nord

  • A bunch of spring onions: 0.49 euros (-28 percent)

  • One grapefruit: 0.49 euros (-16 percent)

  • One cucumber: 0.55 euros

It is not yet clear how long the price reductions will last. In the press release, however, Aldi Nord speaks of "permanent" changes the fruit and vegetable shelf. The share of its profits that the discounter gives to consumers with the campaign also remains unknown. After the drastic increase in consumer prices, the German supermarket giants are trying again and again to lure their customers with cheap offers. It was only in February that numerous discounters lowered their prices for butter after it was severely affected by inflation.

The Federal Statistical Office calculated an increase in consumer prices of 7.4 percent for March. Experts do not expect a significant change in the inflation rate this year.


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