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Germany: Aldi Süd continues to promote regional agriculture and focuses on German strawberries

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Süd Germany (German family owned) has only been buying German asparagus in the season, now the discounter is expanding its commitment to regional agriculture and is also seasonally relying on German strawberries. Aldi Süd will only trade fruit of German origin during the German strawberry season, thus siding with regional farmers.

Farmers welcome this development: "This is an important step for us farmers. The decision gives us planning security and strengthens our backs as regional producers," says Uli Bonn, a farmer from Pulheim. The Association of South German Asparagus and Strawberry Farmers (VSSE) also supports the decision: "Aldi Süd's decision shows a high level of appreciation for domestic strawberry cultivation. We hope that other retailers will follow this example to further strengthen regional agriculture," says Simon Schumacher, Managing Director of VSSE.

The fresh German strawberries are offered in plastic-free, open cardboard trays. Under its own brand "Best from the region", Aldi Süd also presents strawberry growers on the product packaging. This way, customers know where their fresh strawberries come from, what path they have taken and can look forward to a product from their region. The discounter has been relying on regional products for some time: Aldi Süd offers more than 350 products throughout the year and across the regions, which are marked with the regional window. This provides information about where a product comes from and where it has been processed.

For the first time, Aldi Süd is launching a comedy mockumentary in collaboration with Accenture Song. With "Gut Stich!", the discounter tells of the annual asparagus craze in Germany. The five-minute comedy mockumentary has been available on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok since May 8. The mockumentary is about getting to the bottom of the asparagus hype. The focus is on the epicenter of the asparagus cult, the fictional village of "St. Asparagus". There, various people are accompanied in their everyday lives and interviewed about their special relationship with asparagus. Among them are a former asparagus queen, an abstinent asparagus addict, an influencer who wants to go viral with her asparagus content, and a financial guru who sells the "white gold" as the ultimate investment.


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