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Germany: ALDI SÜD is the best discounter

Since 2010, GfK has been researching how customers perceive food retailers in Germany every year. GfK is a leading global provider of data and analytics for the consumer goods industry. It is based on a survey in the GfK Consumer Panel FMCG in connection with the purchase data collected. The latest survey results confirm: Discount Retail Chain ALDI SÜD achieved the best survey results this year compared to other discounters.

In April 2020, GfK carried out an online survey on the perception of food retailers in Germany among 7,500 households as part of the GfK Retailer Perception Report. The result is impressive: because ALDI SÜD is the best discounter. The discounter achieved fourth place in the overall report. The food retailers were examined according to the following dimensions: range, image, store design, price alignment, service / staff and location. ALDI SÜD is rated more positively by households than other discounters, especially in terms of image, range and store design. This is also confirmed by the survey results for the sub-dimensions range, freshness, private label and availability.

Channel-specific above-average rating results

"We are constantly investing in a great range and an optimal shopping experience for our customers," says Simon Gelzer, Managing Director Buying at ALDI SÜD. "That is why we are very happy about results like those of GfK, which show us that we are on the right track with our wide selection, our attractive and particularly fresh range of fruit and vegetables and our strong own brands."

In almost all sub-dimensions, ALDI SÜD achieved above-average evaluation results in comparison with the competition of the discounters. Particularly noteworthy are the "spacious design" of the branches, in which one can "easily orient oneself". In addition, ALDI SÜD ranks second out of the 16 food retailers (excluding drugstores) in the "overall satisfaction" rating. The fact that there are actions behind the words is confirmed by the second place in the measured loyalty to the ALDI SÜD shopping center.

* Source: Source of the retailer rating: (1) Measured loyalty in food retail based on the GfK Consumer Panel FMCG, gross sample of 30,000 households, May19 - Apr20, ongoing, electronic recording of private consumption. Represented by weighting and extrapolation of all households in Germany (housekeeping from 16 years); (2) Subjective retailer rating based on the GfK Retailer Perception Report, Apr20, sample: n = 7,500. GfK SE, Nuremberg

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