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Germany: NORMA publishes its 5th sustainability report in a row

German Hard Discount Retail Chain NORMA, with 1,450 stores in Germany, Austria, France and the Czech Republic, again summarizes what was achieved in the past financial year in its sustainability report. From the basic strategy and the management of the food discounter to the raw materials used, the supply chains and the strict quality standards to the environmentally friendly structuring of the individual locations, all facets of NORMA are thematized and processed in depth. A separate chapter has also been devoted to employees.

In summary, it can be said that the Nuremberg company achieved a lot in 2019 as well: All business areas were able to be further developed in terms of sustainability. The fight against plastic waste was intensified, the range of organically produced products was expanded and the rearing of farm animals in compliance with even stricter animal welfare standards could be promoted. In addition, there are numerous other successes that were achieved in the past year and are reported in detail by NORMA.

"Looking back, it becomes clear how much the entire NORMA team has achieved in the past year. For example, our species protection project 'Save the bees' was successfully started and has now been rolled out nationwide. The employees' workwear has also been reissued and now bears the state label 'Green button', which shows exacting ecological and social standards for textiles", explains Christian Sitzmann, member of the NORMA management and responsible for corporate responsibility.

The many awards, seals and certificates for NORMA products and various participations in environmental and sustainability initiatives are presented in the report and show that NORMA management is aware of its social responsibility and has been using the sustainability report for years as an opportunity to become even more ambitious Set goals. "Receiving the 'Green Brand Germany 2019'-Award for NORMA's own Private Label brand 'BIO SONNE' makes it proud and confirms that NORMA is on the right path. A path that will be continue in the coming years."

Sustainability as a core philosophy

Striving for more environmental awareness within the workforce in all business areas has long been an integral part of NORMA's corporate philosophy and is therefore indispensable. The first sustainability report was published in 2015. In the following years, too, there was an extensive conclusion that can also be viewed online by everyone. This continuity - paired with transparency - underlines once again that the Nuremberg family owned food discounter has contributed to an environmentally conscious society so far and will continue to do so in the future.

The NORMA Sustainability Report 2019 appears in printed form and can also be accessed online see

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