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Kosovo: Lidl starts recruitment for its new Kosovo business

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Kosovo (owned by the German Schwarz Group) is starting to recruit staff for its upcoming stores in the country, an official of the Kosovo unit of Albanian human resources (HR) services provider The Headhunter Group said.

New job opportunities for Lidl discount retail stores are now open, a recruitment operations manager of The Headhunter Group, Lidl's local recruitment partner, said in a social media post.

Lidl committed to opening retail stores in Kosovo last year in June, after meeting local food and beverage producers, the enterprise ministry said at the time.

The discounter filed in Kosovo’s business register under the name Lidl Kosova L.L.C. and its business scope involves real estate asset management.

Kosovo will be one of the last countries Lidl enters in Europe, together with next door country Albania. After its go-to-market in Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo is the second Islamic oriented country Lidl enters.


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