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Netherlands: Wibra expands recycling program to more stores

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Discount Textile Retail Chain Wibra and Impackt are expanding their pilot to more branches. The two companies have been conducting a trial for some time in which customers can return empty plastic packaging and thus save for a discount.

The trial has been running since September last year. The number of branches now participating in the recycling program has doubled to fifty. Wibra has teamed up with Impackt, which has developed an app that allows consumers to keep track of how much plastic packaging they have returned. Through the app, customers can scan the barcode of the packaging and a QR code on the return bin. Then they see what the CO2 impact of their contribution is and how many points they have earned.

With those points, they can then save for coupons on products. According to both companies, the demand for such initiatives is increasing, and it is therefore time to scale up. 'With the expansion of the collection of plastic bottles, we are working with Wibra to ensure that the short recycling route is further scaled up', says Bouwe van Neerbos, founder of Impackt.

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