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Poland: Żabka sees discount stores not as competition

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Żabka Polska's (owned by Luxembourg based CVC Capital Partners), the largest convenience store network in Poland with more than 8,000 stores, Adam Manikowski, managing director of Żabka Polska, spoke during the Food Market and Trade Forum, about why discounters are not competition for the convenience store chain. Despite rising prices and inflation, Żabka is implementing its strategy and opening new stores.

Although Polish customers are increasingly switching to discount stores and looking for cheaper goods, Adam Manikowski says that they are not competition for Żabka.

Żabka Polska on the market situation

'We do not compete with discounters, we have a completely different purchasing mission. If you look at the results of the retail chains, they do not indicate a crisis. We have turmoil on the market, which is best evidenced by the fact that most economists were unable to predict the level of inflation', said the representative of Żabka.

'Consumer sentiment is at its lowest level, even worse than during the pandemic. But we listen to customers a lot, we do a lot of research. We can see that our clients value their time. Even though we have times of inflation, less money is available. But when we look at the entire Żabka group, all our activities are aimed at helping customers gain and save time. And for this customers want to pay' Manikowski summarized the current situation on the market.

Żabka invests in technologies

Adam Manikowski also said that Żabka invests a lot in technologies, which is why it has a broader picture of the market. 'We can analyze the so-called big data. We are able to manage 2.5 thousand planograms. If we know that all initiatives related to social responsibility are important to the client, we take care of them. So we created a very extensive ESG strategy and put it into practice.'


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