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Poland: Aldi's performance and plans

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Nord Poland's (German family owned) operational costs still exceed the revenues of the discounter, but this is to change. When and thanks to what actions? Wojciech Łubieński, President of the Management Board of Aldi, answers this question

In 2021, the increase in turnover in the ALDI chain of stores increased by 20%, but at the same time the increase in advertising expenditure was 65%, employment costs turned out to be PLN 40 million (US$ 8.3 mio) higher, the commercial tax paid reached PLN 16.7 million (US$ 3.5 mio), and investments in the store network development are up to PLN 560 million (US$ 116 mio). This is Aldi in 2021 in numbers.

Investments in development mean that operating costs still exceed sales revenues, but Aldi assumes achieving a positive financial result.

'Behind us is another year full of challenges for the retail industry. We are aware of the enormity of work, which is still ahead of us and strong competition. We will continue the chosen strategy of intensive development, which at the same time assumes achieving a positive financial result in the perspective of three years' announces Wojciech Łubieński, president of the board of Aldi.

In 2021, 39 new ALDI stores were opened, which ensured the presence of the brand in each province. Currently, Aldi has 221 branches in Poland, while in two years their number is to increase by 50%.

'We are focused on organic development chosen so far, at the same time we are ready for possible acquisitions when the appropriate possibility appears. We will also continue to build the ALDI brand position on the market, continuing marketing activities. Work on new technologies aimed at strengthening competitiveness and cost optimization will be further intensified. The opening of the second distribution center near Bydgoszcz has recently been a very important event for ALDI, at this point we are already planning further distribution centers,' adds Wojciech Łubieński.

Aldi is part of a group of ALDI NORD, one of the leading international retailers. The company employs over 77,000 employees in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.


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