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Poland: Aldi has a second warehouse will handle 250 stores

Discount Retail Chain Aldi Poland (German family owned) opened its new central distribution center 43,000 m2 of the total warehouse space, 11,000 m2 of the cooled area, 82 electric prams, 23,000 euro-pallets, voice order completion, the ability to operate up to 250 stores and finally the delivery time shortened by 30%. This is a new Aldi warehouse in numbers, which was opened recently in the town of Lisi Ogon near Bydgoszcz. Representatives of local authorities and the media took part in the ceremonies. 200 new jobs are required for the new distribution center.

Distribution center will handle 250 stores

The new distribution center is a consequence of the development of the Aldi store network in this region. The facility has a warehouse and distribution functions. In the first months of operation, it will handle 100 stores in the northern region. It is worth adding, however, that ultimately the distribution center can operate up to 250 stores. Thanks to this, the delivery time to stores will be shortened by 30%, which is associated with a better and more flexible network reaction to customers' needs.

The region where Aldi is developing is the fastest is Pomerania, where a total of several stores have been created over the year. The new ALDI distribution center was established in the Lisi Ogwiek Park built by and owned by Panattoni Europe. The production and service and service center with the office part was built in the area of ​​Wiejska and Póriertowa Streets.

The number of Aldi outlets will increase by 50 percent

'This is an important and breakthrough moment for us, preceded by years of hard work and development. From the perspective of the network, focused on subsequent new openings of stores, logistics conditions are crucial and have an impact on the optimization of many processes. The opening of the second ALDI distribution center is a natural effect of intensive expansion throughout Poland. Over the next two years, we plan to increase the amount of our facilities by 50 percent.' says Wojciech Łubieński, president of the board of Aldi Polska.

Parallel to the process of strengthening the image and recognition, we develop a chain of stores so that Aldi qualities can be appreciated by subsequent customers. Locations in the Pomeranian, Mazowieckie, Greater Poland or West Pomeranian towns are particularly important for the network. The new distribution center will guarantee efficient supply of stores in the northern and central part of Poland, where the most ALDI facilities are being built. The current magazine in Chorzów will continue to supply southern Poland stores. 'We want to be as close as possible to customers as possible, or rather selected location of stores and storage facilities are the key to success' adds Wojciech Łubieński.

Warehouse with photovoltaic installation and Pick by Voice orders

The new distribution center obtained a 'very good' in the BREEAM system. The building has been equipped with a voice completion of orders Pick by Voice, and in the future it will be equipped with a photovoltaic installation with a capacity of up to 500 kWp. The warehouse has a total area of ​​43,300 m2, of which the area of ​​the cooled stock is about 11,000 m2, while the offices will take 2,263 m2. The warehouse part will accommodate 23,000 europallets. The warehouse uses numerous ecological solutions, including LED lighting, parking with electric car charging stations, external, electric sunscreen protection was installed, which is controlled by weather automation. Ultimately, the construction of a photovoltaic farm is planned to gain greater energy independence. The construction of a magazine for the ALDI store chain lasted 9 months.


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