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Poland: Aldi will reduce the salt and sugar content of its private label brand products

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Discount Retail Chain Aldi will reduce the salt, sugar and fat content of private label products and announces an expansion of the range of organic, vegan and vegetarian products.

The share of organic (BIO), vegetarian / vegan and Fairtrade certified Aldi product range is constantly growing. In 2019, the chain offered 265 Fairtrade products, an increase of 190% compared to 2018. In Poland, over the past two years, its number has increased from 6 to 87. The number of private label products with the EU organic production logo has increased from 45 to 134. Last year, Aldi sold 73 products bearing the V-Label label, denoting vegan and vegetarian products.

As part of Sustainable Nutrition, Aldi declares a reduction in salt, fat, sugar and an increase in fiber content in private label products by the end of 2022. An offer will be developed for customers with special nutritional needs and an extended assortment, incl. for people who gave up eating meat. The new internationally accepted Nutri-Score labels will be introduced for private labels throughout the complete Aldi group.

By the end of 2021, the chain plans to increase the share of products from local suppliers - farmers and small entrepreneurs. In Germany, the private label EINFACH REGIONAL (Just Regional) was launched, promoting local and regional products. In turn, at Aldi France and Poland, domestic products are marked with local labels. Further the chain offers wants to offer only products using certified palm oil. By the end of 2025, the clothing and home textiles products sold will contain certified cotton only. And does not want to purchase flowers and plants that are not sustainable in the future.

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