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Poland: Biedronka extends opening hours stores

Discount Retail Chain Biedronka reacts to the changing situation in the country with COVID-19. The chain decided to extend the working hours of its stores. From the next Saturday, more than 40 store will even operate around the clock throughout Poland, and approx. 650 stores until 11.30 pm. This is a return to Action 24, which made shopping safer during the first phase of the pandemic.

Biedronka decided to extend the opening hours of facilities throughout the country. Already from this weekend, almost 2,600 Biedronka stores will be open at least until 11pm, and in the coming days, the extension of hours will apply to other facilities, the network of which has over 3,000 throughout the country.

Extending the opening hours of the store will affect a smaller number of customers at one time, which will increase the security of purchases for both shoppers and employees.

Biedronka first introduced Action 24 on April 1 this year.

As Polish market leader, we feel responsible for offering good and safe shopper solutions. Shoppers appreciated this solution earlier this year, Biedronka believes that it will be the same now, said Paweł Stolecki, operational director at the Biedronka.

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