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Poland: EUR 17.6 billion of Biedronka's revenues in 2022

Discount Retail Chain Biedronka (owned by Portuguese Jeronimo Martins) recorded sales of EUR 17.58 billion, which means an increase in this currency by 20.9% compared to 2021. It also means that the discounter has crossed the barrier of over PLN 80 billion in revenues in Poland.

As for the sales of Biedronka expressed in PLN, it was higher by 24.1% in 2022, while comparable sales (LfL) increased by 20.6%. The discounter's results for the fourth quarter look even better, because sales expressed in PLN increased by 27.1%, with LfL at the level of 23.4% (for comparison, let's say that sales in this respect in the previous three quarters increased by 23.3%, 22.5% and 12.2%).

Sales for the period amounted to €4.9 billion, an increase of 24.1 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2021. Last year, the discounter launched 157 new stores (145 net growth). Thus, it managed to more than fulfill the originally planned opening plan. At the same time, the disco modernized the previously existing facilities and renovated a total of 367 stores last year. To sum up, the operator ended the year with 3,395 outlets on the account.

Pedro Soares Dos Santos, president of Jeronimo Martins, commenting on the results of Biedronka stated that it has strengthened its position as a price leader. He also stressed the immediate and generous assistance provided by the network team to the large number of Ukrainian refugees who appeared in our country after the outbreak of the war.

The entire Jeronimo Martins Group generated EUR 25.39 billion in sales in 2022, an increase of 21.5%. The increase in comparable sales (LfL) was slightly lower, it amounted to 19.6 percent. As for the results for the fourth quarter of last year, Jeronimo Martins had sales of 6.99 billion euros, i.e. the group recorded an increase of 23 percent, with LfL sales increasing by 21.4 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2021. See here for more: EUR 17.6 billion of Biedronka's revenues in 2022. The chain opened more stores than expected (

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