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Poland: Lidl Polska increases employee salary and benefits

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Polska (owned by the German Schwarz Group) continues its commitment to providing attractive working conditions for its employees. For years, the Lidl Polska chain has been focusing on creating favourable work environments, offering both competitive earnings and various non-wage benefits, informs Lidl. Thinking about employees and their families, it offers accident insurance for children and additional support in the context of the upcoming school year. Lidl Polska is a place where employees have a chance to build a stable career and improve their competences. Currently, Lidl employs over 27,000 people. Store employees earn here from 4,200 to 5,600 PLN gross. After one year of work from 4,400 to 5,350 PLN gross, and after two years from 4,600 to 5,600 PLN gross. The warehouse crew, in turn, earns from PLN 4,800 to 5,500 gross at the beginning, after a year of work from PLN 5,050 to PLN 5,900 gross, and after two years from PLN 5,300 to PLN 6,400 gross.

Store managers who are just starting their job can count on even higher earnings. In the first year, they receive from PLN 6,700 to 7,000 gross, in the next from PLN 7,000 to 7,400 gross, and after two years from PLN 7,800 to PLN 8,300 gross. Each of them is also entitled to a company car.

The chain emphasizes that it employs "for years" apart from attractive terms of engagement, the advantages of working at Lidl Polska are opportunities for professional development. The company also promotes gender pay equality and internal promotions. The employer's position is also stable, despite changes in the labor market, the trade industry continues to function well.

Protection for family and children An extremely important element of the Lidl Polska employee offer is the introduction of annual accident insurance for children and grandchildren of employees, covering accidents up to 25 years of age. Thanks to this protection, in the event of an accident, the costs of treatment, rehabilitation and other medical expenses no longer constitute such a financial burden for the families of employees.

Thinking about the upcoming school year, Lidl Polska also offers support for employees whose children are entering a new stage of education. In addition to accident insurance, the chain also offers school layettes for first graders, enabling a smooth start of a new chapter in children's lives.

Wider benefits package Lidl Polska makes sure that employees have access to support in many spheres of life - emphasizes the discounter. In addition to high salaries, higher than average wages in trade, the chain guarantees its crew a wide package of non-wage benefits such as private medical care, group and tourist insurance, MultiSport and Medicover Sport cards, training or layettes "for a baby" and a first grader. Additionally, the company provides a free support program for a psychologist, lawyer and financial advisor.

Lidl Polska is consistently guided by the values of caring for employees and creating a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. The salaries offered, an extensive benefits package and a focus on the family provide a solid foundation for the professional and personal satisfaction of employees.


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