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Poland: Lidl will build a distribution centre in Bytom

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Poland (owned by the German Schwarz Group) builds a new distribution centre will cover an area of approx. 254,000 sqm. and will be divided into two stages.

After the implementation of the first stage of the investment, the area will be divided into:

− building area size – approx. 69 000 m2,

– paved area size – approx. 95 000 m2, – biologically active area size – approx. 89 000 m2.

After the completion of the second stage, the investment area will be divided into:

− building area size – approx. 80 000 m2,

– paved areas size – approx. 94 000 m2, – biologically active area size – approx. 79 000 m2.

The new warehouses of the Lidl chain will employ approx. 400 people

It is planned that work in the plant will take place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is estimated that approx. 90 office workers and approx. 300 employees working in the hall will be employed. The center will act as a macro-unit for receiving, storing, picking and shipping the stored assortment.

Let us remind you that the chain also wants to build a distribution center in the municipality of Gietrzwałd near Olsztyn.According to our calculations, it will be the 14th warehouse of the network in Poland.

Earnings of warehouse workers in Lidl centers

A warehouse employee involved in picking goods receives a salary of PLN 4,800-5,250 gross at the start. After the first year of work, the salary increases to PLN 5,050-5,500 gross. After two years, earnings amount to PLN 5,300-5,800 gross.

Lidl emphasizes that it offers employees stable employment, an employment contract without a trial period and a guaranteed salary increase. The social package includes private medical care, free application for learning foreign languages, support program, physiotherapist care, free lunches, allowances for washing work clothes, Christmas vouchers and school layettes.

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