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Spain: DIA reunions 1,000 suppliers to become the largest proximity retailer

Discount Retail Chain DIA (owned by Russian LetterOne) brought together more than 1,000 suppliers, both branded and Private Label manufacturers, in a Video Conference with the company's management team, in order to become the largest proximity retailer in Spain. Under the motto 'Cambiar contigo' ('Change with you'), the Discount Retail Chain has presented its main strategic lines, which respond to the company's desire to build `long-lasting and stable relationships that are beneficial to all.`

DIA's objective is to become the largest local retailer, offering a value proposition that combines the physical store and the 'online' store, with 'attractive' offers and an efficient operationing process that ensure a proper functioning of the Discount Retail Chain business model.

DIA's new commercial offer is based on product innovations, an optimized assortment, local products, Private and OE labels and more competitive promotions. The goals is to work together to achieve exclusive promotions that are interesting for suppliers, customers and DIA.

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