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Spain: Lidl Christmas assortment: 180 novelties and 75% Spanish products

Discount Retail Chain Lidl Spain (owned by the German Schwarz Group)l has presented its assortment of the "Deluxe" range for Christmas. In it, it is possible to find up to 180 product novelties compared to 2020 with the addition that 75% of the references are of Spanish origin.

In this way, Lidl already has more than 600 seasonal and in&out products available for this Christmas. Of these, three out of four have been produced by small and medium national suppliers. Among them are internationally awarded products for their high quality such as cheeses: goat roll with chocolate and nougat; Sheep cheese cured with jalapeños; and Sheep cheese cured with mojo picón. An assortment that seeks to merge tradition and innovation.

Other novel products that stand out in this year's offer are clam caprices with wine at 1.99 euros (US$2.25), honeyed veal and foie croquettes at 3.99 euros (US$4.50), scallop au gratin with clams or crab at 2.19 euros (US$2.50), Premium gyozas at 2.99 euros (US$3.40) and fresh Christmas stock at 1.99 (US$2.25), among others.


In addition to betting on Spanish producers and suppliers, Lidl also exports Christmas gastronomy to Spain every year. Thus, in the last ten years, the chain has exported Christmas products made in Spain for its brands worth more than 50 million euros to 30 countries and more than 10,000 stores in which it is present. Only in nougat, Lidl has exported more than 25 million tablets to the rest of the countries in which it operates in the last ten years, bringing the products with the best quality-price Made in Spain to the rest of Europe.

According to the Director of Public Relations of Lidl Spain, Arantxa Conde, "Christmas is the time of year when the population most wants high quality products, in addition to traditional flavors. To be able to make a selection of products available to our customers selected of such a high level at the best possible price, it is not only the result of the brand's commitment to small and medium-sized national suppliers, but also does not make us feel particularly proud that our collaborators can take their proposals with a Spanish seal to customers from Lidl in many European countries ".

Support for the national economy

Lidl is a firm defender of Spanish products, as evidenced by the fact that it is the supermarket chain with the highest volume of purchases from small suppliers and that it has a large number of regional references.

Currently, the company works with more than 750 Spanish suppliers that Lidl supports by acting as an international platform: 55% of the volume of purchases from national suppliers is exported to other European markets in which the company operates.

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