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Switzerland: Denner, Aldi and Lidl are hicking sales and creating over 1200 jobs

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Business is good at the discounters and how. In 2020 new jobs and new stores were created. Discount Retail Chains Denner, Aldi Switzerland and Lidl Switzerland benefit above all from the lack of shopping tourism.

In total, they hired over 1200 new employees. Aldi Switzerland opened ten new stores. Above all, the discounters benefit from the fact that the Swiss are increasingly shopping domestically.

0.5 Billion francs (US$0.6 Bn) more sales! Denner made huge gains in the Corona year 2020. Almost +16% compared to the previous year, sales climbed to a total of 3.8 billion francs (US$4.3Bn). The best sales result in the last decade, says a spokeswoman for magazine BLICK.

Customers came to shop less often, but they bought significantly more per visit, says a Denner spokeswoman. In addition, as a result of the shopping tourism slowed down by the lockdown, less purchasing power flowed into neighboring countries.

Discount is crisis-resistant. Denner opened 16 new stores (making a total of 570 own stores and 268 franchise stores) and 479 new jobs were created. Denner is not alone with the strong business figures. Together with the two German discounters Aldi and Lidl, the Migros subsidiary created a total of 1,229 jobs in Switzerland!

All three discounters step on the gas

The tills rang at the two German companies too. However, they are silent about sales figures. That is part of the tradition, the way they do business. Aldi prefers to talk about 300 new jobs, an increase of 100 jobs compared to the previous year. In addition, ten new stores have been added.

In lockstep: Lidl also opened ten stores last year. The discounter created 450 more jobs. Like Aldi, Lidl is likely to have grown by a double-digit percentage.

A rosy outlook for Denner: if things go only half as well as 2020, they will break the sales mark of 4 billion francs (US$4.5) this year. Migros owner can be proud of her discount sweetheart.

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