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Taiwan: Don Don Donki to open its first store

Discount Non-Food Retail Chain Don Don Donki (owned by the Japanese listed Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation - PPIH) is to make its first debut into the Taiwanese market with the launch of a store in Taipei.

The company has not yet revealed any details of the opening, however various sources have confirmed that the first store will be located in Ximending, Taipei. 

Don Don Donki is a favorite destination for Taiwanese tourists in Japan. The retailer offers a wide range of products with low prices.

News of the new store opening in Taiwan spread quickly after it was spotted that the company was advertising to recruit new employees on local recruitment websites. According to the recruitment post,  Don Don Donki’s first store in Taiwan will be located in the Ximending business district and will sell fresh and cooked food. It is rumored to be a three-story store, but the exact address is still not disclosed.

Operating over 160 stores in Japan, 3 in Hong Kong, 7 in Singapore, 2 in Thailand and 3 in Hawaii and very profitable. Don Don Donki is growing rapidly across Asia. 

For more info on PPIH and Don Don Donki's successful expansion and top profitability see our post:

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