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Turkey: File has reached 197 stores

Discount Retail Chain FILE Turkey (owned by BIM) opened its last store in Çanakkale, File increased the number of provinces in which it operates to 24 with new investments in Denizli and Isparta this year.

The number of File's soft discount stores in the Marmara Region increased to 155 with the store opened in Park Olive Shopping Centre in Çanakkale. The second region with the highest number of File stores was Central Anatolia with 20 stores. Adding Isparta and Denizli to its portfolio this year, the number of regions where File operates has reached 5 and the number of provinces has reached 24.

Discount File, which is the supermarket concept investment of hard discounter BİM, one of Turkey's well-established retail brands, opens stores in the range of one thousand to one thousand 500 square metres as standard. The company uses Harras as its own private label brand in food products, Actisoft in cleaning and household auxiliary products, and Daycare brands in cosmetics and personal care products. File has a standard growth target of minimum 30 new stores every year.


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