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UK: developing your channel and category (discount) strategies.

Variety discount retail chains, such as Poundland, Wilko, Home Bargains and B&M, have long been associated with providing cheap prices on well-known brands. The ability to save money on everyday products is the main reason that 70% of British shoppers claimed to visit a discount store in the last four weeks (Dec’20).

What products are shoppers going specifically to discount stores to buy? As part of IGD's research it tracks the shopping missions by channel on a monthly basis. Therefore it knows that shoppers going to a variety discounter are most likely to be conducting a non-food or health and beauty mission. What was not known is the specific products that shoppers are going into discounters to buy.

Main shopping mission on last trip to a variety discounter

Source: IGD ShopperVista, Oct-Dec'20. Base: 611 variety discount shoppers

At the end of 2020 IGD conducted four online focus groups, followed by a survey with 1,128 variety discount shoppers. The purpose of the research was to identify which categories shoppers are visiting different discount stores to buy.

Interestingly IGD found that the main categories that shoppers plan to buy on most of their trips differ by discounter. Discounter Poundland and B&M shoppers are most likely to be going to the store to buy snacking categories such as chocolate and sweets. The main destination category in Home Bargains is toothpaste, whilst in Wilko shoppers are most likely to be visiting to buy shampoo, deodorant and shower gel.

Top 5 categories that discount shoppers plan to buy on all or most of their trips - % agree

Source: IGD ShopperVista 2nd and 3rd Nov'20. Base: 1,128 British variety discount shoppers.

The main reason shoppers plan to buy certain categories from certain discounters is because they believe they are cheaper than elsewhere. However, there are other reasons such as choice, special offers and a good range of well-known brands. These drivers differ by category and by discounter.

Developing your discount strategy? Understanding the reasons why shoppers choose to buy certain categories from certain discount stores is important when developing your channel and category (discount) strategies.

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