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UK: Sainsbury expands its Aldi Price Match campaign

Sainsbury’s has expanded its Aldi Price Match campaign with its ‘biggest ever’ value offering, passing on price cuts to customers as inflation begins to slow.

The supermarket chain has added over 40 new items to the Aldi cost-saving initiative, which now includes 400 products in total. New additions include a range of Sainsbury’s soups, burger buns and bread, as well as sweet treats like Bramley Apple Pies.

With the price of butter continuing to come down, the retailer has cut the price of its by Sainsbury’s British Butter 250g by 10% since May – now £1.79.

Nectar Prices – which has saved customers over £244m since it launched in April – is also available on frozen foods for the first time.

Furthermore, Sainsbury’s revealed that it’s expanding its Pocket Friendly Prices campaign to 55 products across most of its convenience stores.

Chief executive of Sainsbury’s Simon Roberts said: “We’re continuing to do all we can to battle inflation and as costs fall, so do our prices. “We’re passing savings on as fast as we can, wherever we can, so that customers get the very best prices when they shop with us.”

He added: “With our biggest ever Aldi Price Match and Nectar Prices campaigns, whatever you’re shopping for you will always be getting great value at Sainsbury’s.”

Earlier this year, the grocery giant launched Stamford Street, a new brand for all of its entry price point products.

Source: Grocery Gazette

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