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USA: ALDI recognized for green power advancements

Discount Retail Chain ALDI USA (German family owned) has earned recognition for the second time in a row the National Top 100 Partner by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partnership for the company’s advancements in transitioning to green power across its operations. The EPA also honored ALDI with the 2020 GreenChill Store Certification Excellence award while more than 30 stores received the Store ReCertification Excellence honors for reducing harmful refrigerant emissions.

“We’re proud to be continually recognized by the EPA as a grocery leader in the voluntary green power market, and this acclaim solidifies our steadfast commitment to protecting our environment,” said Dan Gavin, vice president of national real estate at ALDI. “Every day, our team works to increase energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint across all ALDI operations, particularly in regard to our carbon footprint of our stores and warehouses.”

The EPA established the Green Power Partnership in 2001 to protect human health and the environment by encouraging organizations to use voluntary green power and renewable electricity sources so, organizations like ALDI help reduce carbon pollution and the corresponding negative environmental impacts associated with conventional electricity use.

“We applaud ALDI for their sustained commitment to reducing their refrigerant emissions,” said Kirsten Cappel, GreenChill program manager. “ALDI continues to demonstrate their environmental leadership by having a record number of stores re-certify for over five years.” ALDI is taking steps to increase its energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions through a continued transition to solar and wind energy.

The company is also building out its renewable infrastructure to rely less on traditional power grids and adopting natural refrigerants. The ALDI charter for sustainability describes the company’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26% by 2025.


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