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USA: Winco to revamp Boise headquarters building

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Discount Warehouse Retail Chain Winco Foods (owned by its own employees) plans a large-scale overhaul of its Boise general offices building.

Winco will spend US$2.17 million to remodel the building on Armstrong Pl. off Emerald in West Boise, according to a building permit issued last month. The 71,964-foot office building will see new skylights, reconfigured walls and partitions, new exterior siding, new doorways, and a pair of exterior overhead doors. The building will also see updated interior finishes. Winco first built the building in 1999 and last updated in 2012, according to property records. The company operates more than 130 large warehouse-style grocery stores across the US. It started with a single store on Overland Rd. in Boise under the Waremart brand in 1967. Ralph Ward and Bud Williams launched the company and after their deaths, employees purchased it and formed an employee stock ownership plan in 1985. The chain at the time included 17 stores. Now, after changing its name to Winco Foods in 1999, includes 20,000 employees and operates from Oregon to Texas. It is the nation’s third-largest employee-owned company.

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