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Geert Jan ten Hoornte (MM)

..... has more than 30 years of international retail and consultancy experience on C-level in emerging markets. Next to his current CEO position. Geert-Jan holds various Board positions and is connected as a Consultant to various Investment companies in Asia.

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Rolf Schneider (D)

..... has more than 30 years of international retail experience in the fields of store operations, training & coaching, organi-sational development. He is skilled in business development in FMCG for emerging markets and well connected to various key players in modern trade chains in Asia.

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Harm Vissers (NL)

..... has a more than 15 years track record in discount retailing and has experience in the fields of sales, procurement, real estate, logistics, HR and accounting. His main interests lie in retail project development and sales training.

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Tomasz Waligorski (PL)

..... has over 25 years of experience in retail at discount and supermarket segments. He worked at food and nonfood chains. His field of experience is in business strategy, commercial strategy, operations management, transformation of retail organizations and digital transformation.

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Mark Field (AU)

….. has 30 years of International Food Manufacturing, Private Equity and Retail experience on global C-level. His main interests lie in customer led Private label and A-branded Product Innovations, Global Sourcing, Brand & Marketing, Food Safety and Sustainable Sourcing.

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Oguzhan Turkmenoglu (KZ)

..... has over 25 years of local and international FMCG retail experience mainly in post Soviet countries enriched with FMCG production, sales and distribution. He prepared feasibilities of discount and neighborhood retail chain concepts in Central Asia. 

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Vlorim Nuhaj (D)

….. masters 3 languages: German, English and Albanian. Vlorim has a more than 15 years international track record in discount retailing and has experience in the fields of leading sales, supply chain operations and HR. Vlorim’s interest lay in food and non-food discounter start-ups

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Peter Winters (NL)

..... is a no nonsense expert in (re)building organisations to a profitable status in highly competitive markets. His field of expertise includes retail (hard discount), hospitality and leisure in The Netherlands, Germany and South Africa. Providing his experience to develop organisations in emerging markets, supporting a value oriented focus, is where his current interest lies.


Ignacio Gomez Escobar (CO)


….. has more than 30 years experience in strategy, start-up, operations and restructuring hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping malls, and hard discount stores in LATAM and Spain. Ignacio holds various national and international executive and non-executive board functions and is university professor.

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Harm Peter Wijnstok (NL)

..... has gained years of in-depth experience in several executive positions in on- and offline retail, wholesale, logistics and FMCG production. Now his main interests lie in developing opportunities and cost efficient operations in on-line retailing and in fresh produce.

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Bart van Keulen (NL)

..... has more than 20 years of experience in discount retailing, wholesale and logistics operations. Expert in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Knowledge of transport, handling, fresh and cooling FMCG products. His main interests lay in process optimization and building sustainable Supply Chains. 

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Federico Spadea (SP)

..... has more than 18 years of international retail and consultancy experience having developed programs and managed teams in USA, Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, the Netherlands and Spain. He is highly specialized in the commercial areas of Merchandising, Marketing, Branding, Sales, Product Development and Procurement.

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Alfred de Vreeze (NL)

..... is an energetic Retail & FMCG Expert with excellent sales, operational and business development skills. A results- orientated professional with a proven ability to get results, generate revenue, improve service as well as reduce costs. Over 20 years of C-level management and consulting experience in competitive industries.

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Ivan Muhek (HR)

..... has almost 20 years of international retail experience in procurement and sales throughout Europe and Middle East. Besides being experienced in leading multicultural teams and managing high value negotiations, he has proven record in building tailor-made assortment mix and private label development.

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Ivan Butorin (RU)

….. has more than 20 years experience in leading procurement process with largest Russian retailers. He used his targeted skills to provide retailers stakeholders with the best purchasing power among peers. Ivan’s main interests lay in procurement, operations and supply chain.

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Reinhard Richter (D)

..... has more than 30 years of international hard discount retail in Germany and Spain. Reinhard is expert in sales and FMCG supply chain and business excellence lean process operations. Now has main interests lay in private label product procurement, lean organisation and process development and optimization.

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