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Business Processes

"Operating a discount chain concept starts with clear formulated business processes."

Clear business processes (BPs) should be present throughout the whole discount organization, especially at Sales & Operations (stores) and Logistics. Well-performing discounters continuously focus on process improvements to meet customer needs in order to enhance efficiency, to create a stronger corporate culture, and the bottom-line to grow sales and profits. The focus must always be on how to operate efficiently, transparently, uniformly and strictly for a better performance and a lower cost structure. High discipline is key to success, where BPs must be monitored by the line management.

Clear BPs will bring uniformity, it will save time and it will generate better services and products. The BPs which are connected to the ICT system must be aligned with the possibilities and functionalities of the system. However, it is preferable to customize the ICT systems on the formulated BPs, .... depending on budgets, as IT customization is costly. BPs allow discount leaders to understand and to check the execution of the various processes that take place within their company, department, region, store or warehouse.

Frequent analysis of the business processes will lead to BP improvements and lead to a more effective organization and outcome. It will also retain the staff for a longer period. DRC can analyze the current processes at your store and HQ operations and warehouse, and is able to formulate and implement profound BPs.

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The stronger and better the Business Processes, the more productive the employees will work.

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