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Training & Development 

"Employers say often; “employees are key”. DRC thinks the same by saying: “training the employees is key.”

Training is the process of providing employees with the necessary knowledge, skills and professional attitude to perform their tasks inde-pendently and excellently. Well-trained employees are more involved, and involved employees perform better. Better performance means better overall results ... and accordingly a better organization. 

While staff-training is narrowly focused on the technical understanding of all the ins & outs of the job and reaching a certain level of job-satisfaction in the workforce, staff-development is more about building long-term capabilities of the workforce. It is about job-enrichment and helping employees to gain cross-functional knowledge and to help them develop (new) skills and the right attitude. Well-developed employees are more adaptable and more able to take on a wider range of roles. However, this demands strong leadership by the line-management and well-developed HR tools. 

Strong leaders develop their employees to make them better and to prepare them on a career within the organization. For example, 70% of the regional Managing Directors at Aldi and Lidl rose to their position after occupying various positions at the company. These Managing Directors have hands-on and in-depth knowledge of the organization and are well-versed on what is happening on the floor. 

A commitment to training & development makes a discounter a business of choice for ambitious youngsters, graduates and experienced retail managers.

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