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Business Development & Strategy 

"Discount Chain Retail is a proven successful retail format all over the globe."

We help Investors, Retail chains and FMCG manufacturers to enter into the discount retail market. With our expertise, we guide companies giving insights, management advice, and on-ground-direction to create a sustainable discount retail business.
In numerous countries around the world, there is no mentionable discount retail industry. Although discounters are globally growing at the fastest speed, even realizing up to 25% and more market share with the highest net profits within the sector, ..... and Customers loving it!  93% of Millennials (ages 24 to 37) and Generation Z (ages 18 to 23) in the United States report that they shop at discounters.
DRC aligns with lean business development teams globally by developing new discount concepts which will challenge the existing retail market players and create new value for consumers. As experts in discount, we can support or even develop your business by starting a brand-new discount-concept in your market no matter how strong the existing retail business is. DRC is able to create sustainable value and a discount management strategy. Also, DRC can help clients with setting up a fund-raising model for a start-up discount chain venture. 

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DRC has successful experience in start-up discount chains from scratch in countries without existing discount chains.

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