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Interim Management 

"Why the use of an interim manager in discount might be valuable?"

In sports, interim managers are completely normal; if the current trainer needs to leave the club and no suitable one is available at the time, an interim trainer steps in temporarily until the final solution is found. Like a fire brigade, interim trainers most times come when there is a fire. Interim management offers the opportunity to leverage the skills of a highly experienced interim manager to convert the (new) business plans into direct results.

In the last decade, the discount retail industry has been changed and continuous to change as discounters, like other retail chains, have to deal with the digital economy with fast-moving social-economic trends, and with new consumption patterns in the more developed markets. In these times, a change in the management executed by an interim manager might be even the only solution to anticipate or to cope with these new challenges.

In general, the advantage of interim managers is that they can be the rescuer where there is a need or a source of new insights. Another advantage is that interim managers have less emotional binding with the organization, which enables them to bring on changes more easily and quickly, or even to turn around the DNA of the company. In case of conflict situations or when a high-level manager drops out, the role of an interim manager might be a role of stabilizing the company.

Considering the above, interim discount management could be a strong alternative for quick incorporating the specific discount expertise. DRC is able to provide such an alternative. 

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