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EU: Comparative price levels for food, beverages and tobacco in 2019

Price levels for #food, #beverages and #tobacco vary considerably across the Europe including #Turkey. In 2019, the prices for food and non-alcoholic beverages in Denmark were 29% above the EU average, while in #Romania and North Macedonia were 34% resp. 39% below the EU average. Non-alcoholic beverages were more expensive in Ireland at 35% above the EU average and least expensive in Romania at 25% below. #Alcohol was priced in #Finland at 91% above the EU average, while at 24% below in Romania. For tobacco, the highest prices were observed in #Ireland (125% above the EU average), while the lowest were recorded in #Bulgaria (47% below).

The results of the annual survey are expressed in price level indices (PLIs), which provide a comparison of countries' #price levels with respect to the European Union average.

Price levels for food, beverages and tobacco

These three main groups represent on average 16%, 2%, 2% and 3% of household expenditure respectively.

Price levels for #bread and #cereals, #meat, #fish and #dairy products

These four sub-groups represent on average 17%, 23%, 5% and 16% of household expenditure on food, respectively.

Price levels for #oils and #fats, #fruits, #vegetables, #potatoes and other food products

These three sub-groups represent on average 4%, 22% and 14% of household expenditure for food, respectively.

Price convergence

A comparison of the price dispersion within the EU observed on the basis of the surveys conducted since 2009 shows that for three main groups of products dispersion in 2019 was lower than in 2009.

The country groups included in the analysis are the 27 European Union (EU) Member States, United Kingdom, 3 EFTA countries (#Iceland, #Norway and #Switzerland), 5 candidate countries (#Albania, #Montenegro, North #Macedonia, #Serbia and Turkey) and one potential candidate country (#Bosnia and #Herzegovina).

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