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Australia: ALDI and Omo laundry detergents deemed the best after CHOICE testing

When it comes to doing washing, there are so many choices for your detergent out there and it can be hard to know which is best. CHOICE, a leading Australian consumer advocacy group. has done the hard work and found the best detergents for getting rid of all kinds of stains, from chocolate ice-cream to baby food, with some surprising results.

Over 60 laundry detergents were analysed and Omo and ALDI came out on top. ALDI and Omo came out on top in the CHOICE testing. "This year our testing has revealed that Omo Laundry Detergent Triple Capsules are the most effective laundry detergent for front loaders, with an overall score of 85 per cent," said CHOICE expert Ashley Iredale. "When it comes to top loaders, Aldi Trimat Advanced Concentrate Laundry Powder came in first, scoring 66 per cent." While those two were winners, the CHOICE testing found there is a difference in how top loader and front loader machines work.


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